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August 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2020


South African Master Sports Association’s moto is to bring together master’s sportsmen

and women in all communities to practice their sport to promote the philosophy of “Sport

for Life."

As we have observed the impacts of the corona virus (Covid-19) on the health, well being

and livelihoods of family’s businesses and communities worldwide, I am sure everyone is

happy on the decision of moving to Level 2. It brings so form of light at the end of the

tunnel that things should start to move back to some sort of normality.

Kindly note SASCOC will be holding a Special General Meeting on the 19th September


Competitive shooting has started again. Southern Gauteng Sports Shooting Association is

holding it’s League Shoots, it will commence from Saturday 5th September 2020 at the

Alberton Shooting Club.

  • 5th September Air Pistol at 9h00 and Air Rifle at 14h00

  • 12th September Police Pistol, Pocket Pistol and Carry Pistol at 10h00 Stock Semi Auto, Service Pistol and Magnum at 13h00

  • 19th September Standard Pistol, 25m Pistol and Centre Fire at 10h00 Air Pistol Challenge i.e. 25m, 10m event at 14h00

  • SA Hunters Eland Branch as per previous arrangement, Steel Silhouette shoot from 14h00 suggest 25m, 35m and 50m

Let’s continue doing the following:

- Wash hands regularly

- Wear masks

- Keep social distance



EDITOR’S CORNER Remember, this is your blog and we would like to hear from you. If you have any information, stories or hints on how to take care of sporting equipment that we can share, please submit them via email to Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


To promote the transformation initiatives, anti racism and anti sexism among fellow Masters in our Country.


To bring all codes together to enjoy, have fun, laugh, socialize and participate in all sports no matter your race or age.


- Honesty

- Integrity

- Professionalism

- Accountability

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