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January 2020


Welcome back, all safe and sound, ready for all Sports activities. Compliments of the New Year and best wishes for 2020.

We from SAMSA would like to send our condolences to John Coetzee’s family and all Tentpegging members on the tragic passing of John in December 2019.



Full Name: Petro Saunders Position: President Organization/Code: SAMSA Date and place of birth: 12 December 1957 Western Area First Job: Nurse Personal best achievements: Postmaster at Petrussteyn Philosophy of Life: Sport codes to attend meetings and to be affiliated to SAMSA Favorite food and drink: Water, and cooked home meals Favorite Sport: Darts and Hockey

What is your favorite colour? Pink

Why did you choose to continue to be active in sport? To keep young and active

Please tell us a bit more about your sport journey Received National Colors in Darts in 1994. My Hockey career was at school where I received Transvaal Colors

What are some areas that you believe will become of increasing importance in the near future for sports in South Africa? To come together despite race and politics

What advice would you offer people aspiring to be more active in Master Sports? No matter your age, one can still be active in master sports

Who is your role model/ mentor and why? Rita Oosthuizen, as she always inspired everybody to participate in sport

What is the best advice you have ever been given? To stay calm and enjoy sport

What advice would you offer people? Focus in sport and never give up no matter how old you are


Results of the recent IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championships held in Potchefstroom

We have 5 new World Champions! Congratulations

In order of apperance:

Elisabeth Barry

Dan Oppenheim

Mathys Herbst

Laura de Wet

Dulcie Duguid

World Equipped Master's Powerlifting Championships 2019 - Team SA Results



We are calling all other codes to join SAMSA. Membership fees are R500.00 per annum, per code. ALL CODES ARE WELCOME!

(A friendly reminder that membership fees are payable before 31 st March 2020 for each code)

Just a friendly reminder for all Sport Codes to please email their 2020 calendars so that the calendar can be updated and distributed.

South African Master Sports Association’s motto is to bring together masters sportsmen and women in all communities to practice their sport in order to promote the philosophy of “Sport for Life”




Remember, this is your blog and we would like to hear from you. If you have any information, stories or hints on how to take care of sporting equipment that we can share, please submit them via email to

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


To promote the transformation initiatives, anti racism and anti sexism among fellow Masters in our Country.


To bring all codes together to enjoy, have fun, laugh, socialize and participate in all sports no matter your race or age.


- Honesty

- Integrity

- Professionalism

- Accountability

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