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April 2020

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Sporting for life - the challenge never ends

The novel coronavirus has impacted sports events globally, with South Africa being no exception. As lockdown continues, with the expectation that the lockdown will be lifted on the 1st of May 2020, the easing of South Africa's strict lockdown will not apply to sports. As the leadership of SAMSA, we believe that this is for the better good, we ask you to stand with us and stay at home. We will be sharing tips for you to stay active and fit at home in our May blog.

Meet the people that continue to bring together Masters players from different sporting codes, promoting the "Sport for life" philosophy, and promoting transformational initiatives within sports.

Petro Saunders - President SAMSA

Petro Saunders has a long history in sports, especially coming from a highly active family. She is a past Netball, Hockey player who is currently focusing on Darts player. She has two Eastern Transvaal colours for Darts under her belt and is an experienced Kickboxing judge, with National Judging colours.

She served on the Gauteng Darts Executive Committee from 2006 to 2010 as a Financial Director. From 2014 -2018 under her leadership the SA Masters darts team won 5 AU championships.

Yogas Reddy – Vice President SAMSA

Yogas Reddy is a professional architect with 21 years of experience in Education, Healthcare, Transportation and Industrial Sectors having worked both internationally and nationally and has been involved in large fast track infrastructure projects in the public sector e.g. FIFA World Cup 2010, etc.

He is an active member of the volleyball sporting community and has participated in several Volleyball Masters international world games. He currently sits on the volleyball Masters committee, promoting ethical sportsmanship and growth of the sport.

Hermien Peens – Treasurer

Hermien Peens is a darts player with national colours and continues to achieve greatness within the sporting code. In 2019 she represented Gauteng at Nationals for Masters where the ladies team came 3rd in the ladies division. Her passion for the sport has motivated her to continue promoting the “sports for life” philosophy.

Marisa Couto – Secretary

Marisa Couto, by profession, is a financial manager, with a strong accounting background, has a passion in assisting business owners and individuals in managing and growing their finances. Sports is in her blood, she comes from a family that has participated, managed, and trained Soccer teams. She played Netball throughout her schooling career and is passionate about leading a balanced life by continuing to contribute to the sporting community positively.


We are calling all other codes to join SAMSA. Membership fees are R 500. 00 per annum, per code. ALL CODES ARE WELCOME!

(A friendly reminder that membership fees are payable before 31 st March every year for each code)

Just a friendly reminder for all Sport Codes to please email their 2020 calendars so that the calendar can be updated and distributed.

South African Master Sports Association’s motto is to bring together masters sportsmen and women in all communities to practice their sport in order to promote the philosophy of “Sport for Life”




Remember, this is your blog and we would like to hear from you. If you have any information, stories or hints on how to take care of sporting equipment that we can share, please submit them via email to

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


To promote the transformation initiatives, anti racism and anti sexism among fellow Masters in our Country.


To bring all codes together to enjoy, have fun, laugh, socialize and participate in all sports no matter your race or age.


- Honesty

- Integrity

- Professionalism

- Accountability

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